Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote in sparktober,
Little Red

Activity Fair - Comment-Porn-Fic-Battle-Fest-Thing!

Here at Sparktober headquarters, we and the focus groups have been analyzing data and reviewing third-quarterly projections in order to determine the best Friday Activity and have come to a shocking realization:

TODAY is havocthecat's BIRTHDAY!!!

Therefore, the totally obvious activity:


Here's the rules (The RULES! Pay attention!):

1. COMMENT with a prompt! Each prompt must have ITS OWN COMMENT, but you can leave as many as you want!
1.a. Format is open! Leave a suggestive screencap or a porny icon or a plot idea or a keyword or a first line or WHATEVER! (Please link to large images or shrinkify them to spare people using dialup/carrier pigeons/semaphore.)

2. REPLY to the PROMPT comment, not the post itself! (I assume with ficlets? But that could just be my lack of imagination. Icon/vid/interpretive-dance away!)
2.a. More than one person can reply to the same prompt! It's a pornfest!

Go forth and make havocthecat's weekend! (Porning does not need to stop when birthday is over.)
Tags: !activities, !actual sparktober squee, g:smut
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