krisrussel (krisrussel) wrote in sparktober,

Day 26: Bingo Card Entry

I've almost finished my complete Bingo card!
The only real 'problem' is that I wrote it all down in an actual notebook and now I have to digitize it all.
Which is taking longer than I hoped it would.
But I started putting the chapters online, and you can find them HERE ON AO3.
So just keep an eye on it and you should see regular updates popping up. And I hope to be completely finished with it in a few days.

This was my complete Bingo card:

Sparktober Bingo 2013 by krisrussel
Biblical Lorne Hope Point of View SGC
The Long Goodbye Quiet Silence Revenge Fantasy
Underwater Marriage Home Alcohol
Convenience Creation Myth Earth Tools
Hurt/Comfort Telepathy Vengeance Odd War

Brought to you by sparktober! Get your own card here!
Tags: !bingo

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