Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote in sparktober,
Little Red

Sparktober in June: Porn-a-Thon!

For a Very Special Off-Season Episode of Sparktober (declared by miera_c of all people!) there hasn't been nearly enough porn. How can it be Sparktober without defiling a single supply closet?

So! Rally the troops, pop open the Athosian ale and let's have a smutty final weekend of Sparktober in June!

Prompt below!! Usually our prompt theme for this is "places," but since it's Sparktober in June, let's mix it up and go with... "reasons [for Sheppard and Weir] to have sex." ;)

Edit: Lots of good prompts, not enough porn! Go go go!
Tags: !activities, !fanfic, !prompts, g:smut
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