Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote in sparktober,
Little Red

Peeps, spark your engines...

... for JUNETOBER!
(see, they look just as confused as you!)

We've got 2 weeks for some spontaneous sparking! Consider it a warm-up for SPARKTOBER 2013 (to be held at regularly scheduled time), an emergency break from reality (who doesn't need that, amirite?) or an unexpected all-expenses-paid trip to your nearest supply closet!

Let's get it going with a PROMPT POST right here, right now, for commentspam ficlet responses! Some suggestions for how to prompt:
  • Image, gif, or icon!

  • First line!

  • Something specific: an object, a place, an episode...

  • Whatevah your little off-season Sparky heart desires!

Then respond to whatever, whenever, with whatever. Ready... GO! (and spread the word!)

(and somebody with image-making skills could totally one-up my paintbrush image right there.)
Tags: !introductions, !prompts
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