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Bingo Card Request Post!

image by a_blackpanther
image by a_blackpanther in her last years' Bingo reveal, which is totally here and awesome and perhaps should become your desktop background, just saying.

Please listen carefully as our menu options have changed:

1) Request randomized bingo card in comments below.
2) Receive bingo card html as a reply to the comment! Input the url of your favorite Sparky icon to be the center square, and post to your journal.
NEW! 3) When you post your Bingo card, you may replace any ONE item on your card with a WILD CARD square! To complete that square, you can use any prompt of your choosing. (This rule enacted for those of us who might have been really disappointed to not draw Sex Pollen last year.)
4) Write stories, make fanart, or come up with another clever way to complete your bingo card (a line in any direction is bingo! A fully blacked-out card makes you a hero and we'll all be wildly impressed with you).
5) Post these things (as you make them) to sparktober. You can include a copy of or link to your bingo card when you post (add links within the card as you complete stuff).

There is NO obligation to actually finish a Bingo card if you request one, so if in doubt, request anyway! The prompts are fairly general and can usually be interpreted in a bunch of different ways.

We have Bingo card options! Please choose your flavor in your request comment!
1) Vanilla: General prompt terms only - no episode titles. (Includes tons of new one-word prompts from around the internet, not just fandom-cliche terms!)
2) Chocolate: Episode titles only (seasons 1-3, plus titles of S4/S5 Elizabeth eps)
3) Twist: General prompts and episode titles
4) NEW! Twisted: You can now include the list of "Sensual Words to Spice Up Your Romance Novel" found here to any other flavor!

If you want a whole Bingo card of nothing but Sensual Words, you have to request it using your favorite (real or imagined) romance novel title, you untamable cowboy's daughter, you. Some of these words are a little wack, so if you manage to complete a whole card with this, I COMMEND YOU.

Multiple Sample Bingo Cards For Full DisclosureCollapse )
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