Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote in sparktober,
Little Red

Activity: Comment fic-a-thon!

This Sparktober needs more porn! (What doesn't, really, when it comes to Sheppard and Weir?)

Therefore, I propose a comment-fic challenge/thon/battle/awesome-o-rama. The challenge this time is places - so post comments with a place, and then fill each other's comments with fic! ("I filled her comment all right... alllll niiiiiiight loooong.")

If you're not feeling the porn oevre today, then write something else! I mean, surely they once did paperwork on the conference table or at 1908 Worlds Fair or in a mainland hot springs. I'm just figuring with this bunch that porn will probably occur.

Come back and keep adding comments and filling them - if fun is had, I'll come up with another random commentfic challenge next Wednesday. :)
Tags: !activities, a:fic battle
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