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Sheppard/Weir forever!
Beta Volunteer Post! 
9th-Oct-2010 06:00 pm
sga - sparktober 2010
Hello, sparktober!

xakliaaeryn mentioned looking for a beta, and a beta exchange seems like a great idea with so much fic being written! Rather than have authors post to the community with individual requests, I'd like to contain it all within this post.

If you're willing to volunteer to be asked to beta (don't worry, you won't be obligated if you don't have time that day!), please post here! Authors, please reply to comments, pm individuals who've volunteered, or post a specific request comment in this post.

10th-Oct-2010 01:04 am (UTC)

Willing to beta: Shorter fics (<3000 words), because I don't usually have concentrated time to beta novels. Any ratings!

Caveats: I'll let you know if I can get to it right away, but usually it takes me ~24 hours to return a beta. Just ask!
(Deleted comment)
10th-Oct-2010 02:12 am (UTC)

Will beta fics of any length. Please PM me before sending your fic to me. Longer fics will/maybe take a couple of days, depending on length of fic. And I will try and get your fic back to you ASAP.

No-No's: Non-Con, OOC.
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