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Sheppard/Weir forever!
2nd-Oct-2016 06:20 pm - Sparktober 2016: Now On Tumblr
sga - sparktober
Hello amazing souls still kicking it on livejournal! This year's Sparktober event is mostly a free-for-all on tumblr, given the extreme exhaustion of your loving moderators! This community is open, of course, and I totally encourage everyone to post awesome things here, but for more Sparktober content, check out:




~more excitement to come hopefully~
30th-Oct-2015 06:16 pm(no subject)
hunger games: 3 2 1
It's still Sparktober, so I have some new fic for you. :)

Title: Lambda
Author: so_vieh
Rating: PG-13
Size: 26 KB / 1824 words
Keywords: John/Elizabeth. Friendship/pre-relationship. Post-episode. Introspective.
Spoilers/Timeline: S1, post '38 Minutes'

Summary: In a world turned upside down, she anchored him to what was true and real.

Warnings: A whole lot of medical talk, and mention of dealing with the death of a loved one.

Thanks to lone_pyramid for the beta! (And sorry for posting it so late; writing Shep/Weir has eaten my life.)

Find it here @ bitsofreedom
29th-Oct-2015 10:03 pm - Fic: Long Lost
I wrote a short little Sparky fic, just under the wire for the month:

Title: Long Lost
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Weir/Sheppard sort of (it's a gen story - read into it what you will)
Summary: John's connection with Atlantis is strong, but may not actually be the strongest of the expedition team.

I wrote Sparktober fic! It's short. The other thing I had a plot bunny for got kind of dark and was not working, so I went with the other much shorter idea.

For mylittleredgirl, the greatest Sparky fan in the world, of course, and melyanna for reminding me in the last couple of weeks how much I loved these two.

Long Lost
25th-Oct-2015 12:31 pm - no sparktober sunday today :(
sga - sparktober
Sorry everyone, but my internet isn't fast enough today to stream! May we all keep Sparktober in our hearts even in times of fall weather and downed utility lines.
18th-Oct-2015 12:28 pm - Sparktober Sunday!
sga - sparktober
This week on Sparktober Sunday (1-5 Eastern at the Sparktober livestream channel!) we will have a 5-part Sparktober bonanza!

“The Gift”
“The Siege” I, II, & III
because honestly how could we not include that one?

Join us for lingering looks, the table of iniquity, and that hug!
10th-Oct-2015 05:10 pm - Sparktober Sunday 10/11!
sga - sparktober
Join us tomorrow (Sunday 10/11) at 1 pm Eastern for Sparktober viewing! On tomorrow’s docket are these fave season one episodes:

The Storm/The Eye
Hot Zone
Before I Sleep

and, if time permits, a democratically selected bonus episode!

Starting at 1 pm Sunday (EDT) here: Sparktober livestream!
4th-Oct-2015 12:23 pm - Sparktober Sunday!
sga - sparktober

Come and join me for the first Sparktober Sunday! Starting at 1 pm Eastern and lasting for at least 4 hours we'll be watching our way through the beginning of Atlantis's first season and partying like it's 2004.

Join us at the Sparktober livestream here!
1st-Oct-2015 07:12 pm - 31 Days of John & Elizabeth | Day 1
[SGA] John/Elizabeth - working

Sparky + Beginnings

Since I did last year the full 31 days, I decided to do it again this year. :D Just a bit different. If you want to join or simply see what's stored in future for Sparky, take a look under the cut for the full 31 days list. (The prompts can also be used for a writing challenge.)

31 DaysCollapse )
30th-Sep-2015 10:25 pm - Welcome to Sparktober 2015!
sga - sparktober
Surprise! It's Sparktober!!!

Your less-than-faithful founding moderators may have forgotten do the usual Sparktober pregame show of sign-ups, bingo cards, and general rabble-rousing, but Sparktober is here so everybody

grab your ship goggles

calibrate your canon filters

and let's party like it's 2004!!

This community and the sister Sparktober tumblr are now open for anything you'd like to share! Fic, images, links, meta, activities, challenges, discussions... SURPRISE US! (Want to run an idea by me first for moral support? Comment here!)

Speaking of activities, this year you're all invited to Sparktober Sundays on our new livestream channel! Every Sunday afternoon in October from 1-5 pm eastern, I'll be streaming a 4-hour block of Atlantis episodes to watch and chat along with. Evening movie nights are also likely and will be announced here and on tumblr!

Miss the bingo cards? Check out last year's post and request one! Want a thing-a-day signup sheet even though I'm late? Let me know!

Thoughts? Requests? General celebrations? Comment below and let's get this party started. Again. :)

Welcome back!
30th-Sep-2015 01:36 pm - Sparktober 2015
lizzie close-up
Little Red has been Tumblring away and I am embroiled in health ick. That's why Sparktober hasn't been such a thing this year. Honestly, I forgot, and I'm sorry, everyone.

I know it's last minute, but would anyone like modship of sparktober in order to get things going for this year? I can write something, but organizing anything is beyond me right now. I don't want to talk for Little Red, so if she pops up from the wilds of Tumblr, you can work it out with her. But she's super nice and is always pro-more Sparky, so I'm sure it will be fine!

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